Welcome to Mere Pigs, our Smallholding run as a hobby based in South West Wiltshire. We rear traditional breed Pigs and run a small herd of Pygmy Goats. We follow a slow grown, outdoor reared, naturally raised process to produce high quality pork products. Kids are available to buy in the Spring from our small herd of Pygmy Goats.

The Mere Pigs herd of pigs live outdoors in wooden arks all year round and are raised as naturally as possible.

At Mere Pigs, we offer a personalised friendly service to people wishing to buy pork with exquisite natural flavour, along with helping to keep some of Britain’s traditional breeds alive.

Mere Pigs also has a herd of Pygmy Goats, including several nanny goats and a billy who regularly produce kids for sale. Of all the goat breeds, the Pygmy Goat makes the ideal pet.

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