About Us

Mere Pigs is Andy and Rachel’s smallholding run as a hobby in the South West corner of Wiltshire.

Our quest for ‘the good life’ started in 2006 with an allotment growing our own vegetables. We purchased some Black Rock Chickens for an egg supply and quickly realised how much the family enjoyed looking after the animals. In 2007 we took on a farm business tenancy and bought a small herd of Alpacas.

We have since sold the alpacas, however they were easy to handle and had such great characters that they were the perfect introduction to smallholding life, with the added bonus of protecting the chickens from foxes. Our daughter also purchased some delightful Pygmy Goats which continue to keep us entertained with their inquisitive and often amusing antics. Kids produced by the goats are available to buy in the Spring.

After completing a smallholding course at Lackham Agricultural College and a pig keeping course at Pig Paradise Farm, we decided our next step was with rare breed pigs. This change enables us to produce pork with exquisite flavour and help keep an endangered native breed alive. We purchased our first pigs in 2010 and have been delighted with the breed and quality of the pork produced. We are also grateful to our customers for their positive feedback and continued support.