Pork for Sale

Our traditional rare breed pigs are slow grown and reared as naturally as possible, resulting in top quality pork with true mouth watering flavour, texture and exquisite crackling.

Our aim is to provide pork which is as fresh as possible. We therefore take orders in advance of butchering and subject to your location can deliver straight to you from the butcher.

A 6kgs (13.2lbs) box with a variety of cuts provides several meals for a family of 4. Cost £47.00
A larger 10kgs (22lbs) box is suitable for a larger family. Cost £77.00

We will endeavour to provide customised boxes / orders as required including specific cuts , 1/2 pigs and whole pigs. Demand is high so please order as early as possible.

A typical box will include a joint, chops, diced pork and sausages.

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